Who we are

We are a totally Independent Third party Wholesale Buying Agent based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Western Managed by Theo, the group's team of professionals have been serving the International Community for over a decade. Theo and his Nepali Associates have long exposure to, and experience with, the Cottage Industry of Nepal in general. More specifically, our expertise is in sourcing out export quality Nepali Handicrafts, which includes clothing/garments/accessories and products in wool felt - a nepali specialty - wool, coton, cashmere as well as arts and crafts such as statues, incense, Buddhist items, rugs, lokta paper and other.

How we work - SAVE on costs

We only work with other wholesalers or other large scale or bulk buyers so as to best meet the special needs and requirements of a demanding international clientele who purchase in quantity. We work with individual clients on how to best minimize their costs and help them achieve large scale economies. For example, in the area of transportation, we regularly advise our clients to ship by sea rather than by Air Cargo - which from Nepal can be very costly. To so many different foreign port destinations, shipping in Sea containers from Nepal via Calcutta Port could well mean a 75% reduction in transportation costs, as compared to Air Cargo. Minimum weight of part-container shipment is normally 300/500 kilos.

At Client's request and option, we can also offer a full range of Quality Control services. In that event, we would only charge a Standard-for-the-Profession Commission written into the Purchasing Agent Agreement to be concluded between Principal and NepalSourcing. In this area, Clients who do their QC in Nepal using experienced nepali on-the- spot Inspectors will save more than 50%. For proof, simply compare our QC costs with those which are posted by our competitors, whose Inspectors have to be flown in from neighboring countries at great expense.

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