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Procurement of Products in Nepal

Nepal sourcing has no factory

NepalSourcing the creation of Theo in Nepal and is Western managed.

As a sourcing Agency based in Kathmandu, the Purchasing Agent Service we propose is the first of its kind in the country. NepalSourcing is a totally independent third party with no production facilities of its own. We have no factory! Besides, it has no vested interest in any nepali manufacturing or production units anywhere in the Himalayas. Clients will find our Agent’s Warrranty in the “Buying Agency Agreement"

NepalSourcing’s services are specially tailored and ideally suited to assist International Buyers, Wholesalers, Foreign Distributors and Purchasers in bulk in search of highest quality products. Because the great majority of "Made in Nepal" products are Handmade, NepalSourcing sources out Handicrafts and supplies finest Arts and Crafts, to the exclusion of machine made goods so commonly found in neighboring India and China.


In business, sourcing has been defined as "a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services." Good sourcing of hand made products in Nepal is vital because it is one of the key business processes that will directly impact the bottom line of your Company. If you have not already signed purchasing agreements with producers of arts and crafts in Nepal that meet your company's procurement needs, NepalSourcing is ready to assist you.

Through experience, we know who they are and where they are! Over the years, we have determined what suppliers can be relied upon for quality and reliability, which ones will deliver on time...etc. Trust Theo and NepalSourcing to obtain for you the highest quality products at the lowest price.